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Esoteric and Chill: Sacred Sexuality

Esoteric and Chill is a series centered around ancient hidden knowledge such as astrology, tarot, herbs, text, and more!

Sacred Sexuality

“The purpose of pleasure and sex is healing and manifestation.” - Unknown

Sacred Sexuality is about achieving higher spiritual awareness through our sexual expression, and sexual energy is the greatest creative energy of all.

Sex is holy. We are holy. It is time for us to reclaim all aspects of our Divinity including our sexual energy and how we choose to express it whether that’s through harnessing our own energy by practicing abstinence, or sharing that energy through sexual engagement with a partner(s).

During this series, we’ll tap into:

•What is Sacred Sexuality?

•Practices to Heal Individual and Ancestral Sexual Trauma

•Sex Magic and Manifestation

•Divine Twerk and Dance Workshop

Join me and like minds every Monday from 7-9pm for my Sacred Sexuality Series here in Bridgeport, CT.

Conscious Creators

Bridgeport Innovation Center

955 Connecticut Ave Suite 1223

Bridgeport, CT 06607



July 22-29 Monday 7-9pm: Sex Magic & Manifestation

Sex Magic gets a bad rep but the truth is- you’ve engaged in some form of sex magic if you’ve ever been physically intimate with another person, whether you realize it or not.

The Sex Magic & Manifestation workshop is tomorrow in my Sacred Sexuality series! We’ll find out what sex magic really is, tools you can use to protect your aura, and how to use your sexual energy to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

•September 26th- Sacred Twerk Workshop with Khamari!

Not many people understand the sacredness of “twerk” The dance has been used in ritual for hundreds of years as a way to heal, build self esteem, and promote fertility. We carry so much in our body- trauma, shame, guilt, the expectations of society. This stagnant energy shows up in our physical form as inflammation, infections, tumors, infertility, and more. We are able to take our healing into our own hands and what better way to do that than through dance.

See you soon, peace and love!