Client and Student Testimonials

”I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the reading you gave me. It was very powerful and inspiring. You are a blessing.”

"Your work inspires !!! I just finished reading my reading! You are beyond on point!! I’ll be  in touch for upcoming workshops retreats and more! Thank you Qween Sis!”

“Peace and love Queen. You’ve sparked a fire in me. I was led to you for a reason. I know my purpose in life and you have given me confirmation. Much love and respect.”

“Hey Tiara! I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit the last few weeks. A lot of the work we did in your Sacred Sexuality classes seems to be really manifesting for me now and I wanted to share my appreciation with you. Hope you’re doing well!”

“I had to message you! You said other women were going to be coming to me to learn and it’s already happening. Once again, such a beautiful reading!”

“Tiara Shardé, thank you for a great reading. By granting the angelic beings permission to speak through you, we tapped into my past, present, and future. Seeing, feeling, revealing truths that I’ve long forgotten helped me to understand. I vow to connect with and harness those female energies as we assist another female into wholeness. Talk to you in the near future. Peace, Love, & Ascension.”

“Do you understand how POWERFUL your gift is??!! You are all the way on POINT! Thank you for always sharing your spiritual guidance.”

“My reading with Tiara was beautiful and accurate. She was able to tap into Spirit and give me insight on my life’s path- past, present, and future. My reading was confirmation that my ancestors are working on my behalf to guide me into my life’s purpose. I would highly recommend Tiara to anyone looking for clarity and guidance. She is the real deal!!”

“You’ve confirmed a lot of information I received from Spirit. Letting me know I’m right and on the right path, and to trust the process. Staying in tune with your empathetic messages. Sometimes, our flesh doesn’t know if we made the right choice in certain situations but when you get confirmation from another spiritual source, it makes you feel better and trust your spiritual source even more. Peace and Blessings!”

”I’m happy for your new business endeavors. I knew you had so much to give and share and I’m glad you're not afraid to use the matrix to your advantage. Very inspiring Ti.”

“Tiara, I don’t think you even need confirmation on how confirming your videos are. This though! So confirming, I thank you!”