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I left behind the life I've always known in the pursuit of Spirituality, self discovery, and to develop a deeper connection with Source. Along the way I have explored a foreign country, gained profound insights, and met some truly amazing people. 

It is my joy to share these experiences with the world in order to inspire, uplift and connect with people just like me. For those beautiful souls who have heard the call to return to Nature and are looking for support and guidance- you are not alone. 

Peace and love to you Frequency Family!

The Full Green Corn Moon Retreat


The Full Green Corn Moon Retreat with High Priestess Yaffa Yamima will be in Pine Mountain, Georgia, August 16 - 18, 2019!

This unisex weekend retreat will feature celebrated healers and spiritual teachers from all over the country specializing in reiki, shamanic cleansing, herbs, divinations, and so much more! Vibrant, healing foods will be served to connect you with Source energy during your time at our transformative retreat.

Please secure your spot at the link below as soon as possible as this event is sure to sell out quickly. Peace and love!

The Womb Bloom Goddess Retreat


The Womb Bloom Goddess Retreat reunites the divine feminine with her sacred home: Nature. A shift in consciousness is taking place all over the planet and Mother Nature is calling out to her daughters to come home and reconnect with their power and gifts. 

Join your Circle of Sistars for healing and cleansing of the mind, body and spirit; sacred dance and rituals to awaken and restore the womb and heart; and unity and sistarhood ceremonies to strengthen our bond and elevate us to our rightful throne within Nature.

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